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These stations are designed to intercept the termites before they enter the building or construction. Once termites become busy in the termite traps, they can be baited using a lure system as explained above.7. Another method of protecting a building from termites is to install a chemical barrier. This is done by applying a registered termiticide into the soil around and under a building or construction.

Most termites are bud feeders or feed on decayed wood in the ground and are important converters of fallen trees to organic matter and minerals. A few of the non insect repellent happen in the same areas as the pest species and it's therefore important before applying a treatment to identify the species. .

Termites develop gradually. A young nymph, on hatching from the egg, passes through four to seven moults before becoming a mature worker, soldier or fully winged reproductive. There's no pupal or resting stage, and the nymphs resemble the adults or older castes.



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The queen lays her eggs singly, and all these are tended by the workers. When the nest of a colony remains open the eggs are for the most part found massed together. The young can develop into workers, soldiers or reporductives. In the instance of reproductives, wing buds appear at the next moult, and the reproductives are fully winged from the seventh moult. .

The soldiers and employees of a colony endure for one or two decades, while the king and queen have much longer lives. Some records indicate that the original queen may endure for fifty years.

From hatching into the older worker or soldier normally takes approximately 2 to three months but that depends on meals and climatic conditions. Eggs hatching in winter take longer to reach the distinct adult caste than eggs hatching in summertime.



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The production of the reproductives is largely an annual event from mature colony, however, this also depends on the vigour and size of the colony.

Species can be found in Queensland where it constructs mounds and the larger mound builders in northern Australia can often be controlled by destroying the mound and exposing its internal structure to predatory animals and insects. As there is always a danger of survivors re-establishing he mound the colony may be eradicated in one of the following ways:.

The nursery area is located by probing into the mound with a metallic pole. The nursery room is located when resistance to the probe is dropped, as the nursery area is always  composed of soft and rather papery material. Once the probe is withdrawn it will be warm from being inside the nursery place.



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These dusts remain toxic for some years afterwards and needs to be removed. .

Once the nursery place has been located by probing, the probe holes have been used to run in insecticide by means of spray lance or through a tube which can be gradually withdrawn. The volume of material is equally important, as the entire nursery area should be wetted. Some nursery places extend well into the ground.

Many species of termites nest in the trunks and root crowns of trees, usually becoming apparent in old trees. Among these tree-nesting species are the most destructive in Australia. The following treatments can be carried out:In the root crown



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When a tree is suspected of housing a colony in its own root crown, the soil between the root buttresses may be entered with a metallic probe and steered towards the centre of the tree and in a downward direction. When the probe breaks into the nursery the resistance is lessened and when in it is taken from the end of the probe is generally heat from being in the nursery place.



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The holes made by the robe can then be helpful hints used to introduce insecticide. .



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Sometimes the only evidence of termites is that the treated or callused area within the previous blowholes, and these are difficult to distinguish from a callused injury scar.

Where a termite nest is present in an area and cannot be found from shallow observations and exploratory probing, trees possibly drilled to locate the termites activity as a central pipe in the tree. Once the presence of termites is established, the treatment holes may be drilled at a level estimated to be over the colony.



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The holes must then be filled with silicone oil to prevent water entering the trunk. .

When branches are removed from a tree revealing central pipes which connect with the main tube in the trunk and the colony nest, the liquid insecticide is introduced into the tree trunk through the smaller branch pipes. The insecticides flows into the main trunk and even into the root crown area, depriving the intrusion of go to this website oil and moisture.

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